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* UPDATE: Scheduling with Vegas Pro Movers depends on calendar events and we might not be available on the dates you need. We apologize in advance if we are unavailable for the dates you need. We work closely with colleagus in town that we can recommend if that is the case.

"Thank you!! They are very happy. Everything arrived in great condition!! Thank you" -- R. Campbell, Ivins, UT to Park City, UT

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Time to Let Go of the Past

Las Vegas is known for so many wonderful things. The vibrant and active social scenes, the natural beauty, and the community involvement and engagement are certainly what brings families together in Vegas. The themed hotels and resorts like The Venetian and The Paris Hotel give both visitors and residents a chance to engage in a unique cultural experience that is simply undeniable. However, sometimes we must tuck what memories we can in our head and heart and pack up the rest. You may be moving because of a new job opportunity, or to be closer to family. Maybe retirement has you thinking about moving. Regardless, it is tough to let go of the past and move on, especially when you are leaving Las Vegas.

Help is on the Way

Fortunately, our dedicated staff at is here to help you every step of the way. Our impeccable service and affordable price packages will leave you satisfied and at ease. Knowing that your household memories are securely packed and moved by our professionals at VegasProMovers is really a great feeling. Because we understand the challenges of moving, we have perfected it with our award-winning service! So, let go of your worries and let us help you get to your new home. You can call or text: (702) 570-4223 for more information. Or you can go to to see which service fits your needs! We are here to help you get to where you are going.

Call or Text (702) 570-4223 For a Free Quote Today.

Leaving Las Vegas and Moving to Boise, Idaho

So you decided to move to Boise, Idaho! Well prepare yourself to behold a piece of rugged history with the Oregon Trail and experience breathtaking views of mountains and cliffs from ski lifts. The wide range of recreational parks and cultural activities abound in this capital city. The museums and gardens are salads for the senses! The rich culture, deep history, and rich beauty that Boise has to offer is worthy of your move. Let VegasProMovers help you get there so that you can explore much more!

A Trail of History

The Oregon Trail was the spine of transportation in the Early American West for families who were searching for change and a better life. Boise is lucky to have The Oregon Trail Reserve to preserve those parts of the trail that run through it. It is open for your enjoyment with recreation such as mountain biking or hiking down the very same trail that led the travelers from the Oregon Trail down to the Boise River. The river offered travelers respite from the dusty roads and rugged conditions of the trail. The stunning views and the two different trailheads that lead to the Boise River continue to offer peace and relaxation for anyone who visits.

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High Five to Your Health!

There is a wide range of scientific evidence that suggests that being surrounded by nature has health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, anxiety and stress. As you trek up any of the many marked mountain trails of Boise—either by bike or by hike (or car if you wish) you find yourself immersed in the whispers of a babbling brook or a rushing stream while becoming entranced by the lush, natural beauty of the giant evergreens and colorful wildflower sprays along the way. Picture perfect snow-capped mountains in the distance can be seen for miles around. If you are lucky enough, you might find one of Boise’s natural springs along the way that trickle and spurt some of the cleanest, coldest, tastiest, most mouth-quenching water ever! There are always new things to discover and memories to create and uncover in this breathtaking city. For health’s sake, let St. George Pro Movers take your stress away by taking care of every detail of your move. It’s really easy with our affordable prices and unsurpassed, award-winning service! Don’t delay—click the link straight away if you want or need to be moved for a free Las Vegas moving quote to Boise. Or you can call or text (702) 570-4223.

Boise Botanical Gardens

The Boise Botanical Gardens is a 23-acre public park that houses a variety of botanicals inside a covered tropical greenhouse. The wide array of colorful plants arranged in the gardens come from all over the world, and they are methodically cared for so that they can be enjoyed by millions of people in beautiful Colorado. The gardens also boast many outdoor exhibits of native plants from the Western United States. In fact, the botanical gardens are host to the largest collection of plants from cold temperature climates around the world! The beauty of the experience will leave you thoughtfully satisfied and perhaps even inspired to do your own gardening.

The Botanical Reserve in Boise

Idaho Botanical Gardens is a great place to refresh your senses. The beautiful gardens are on the site of the Old Idaho State Penitentiary’s nursery and garden section, which was functional until 1973. There are a variety gardens to view including an English Garden, an Idaho Native Plant Garden, and a tributary Rose Garden. The Meditation Garden is enchanting. The mature trees that are found in the garden were planted in the 1930’s and 1940’s by some of the prisoners housed there, and they are very humbling to behold and give you a sense of thoughtful serenity while meditating on the luxurious beauty. The intertwining gardens within the old prison’s walls are thought-provoking. You can relax and soak in the history knowing that VegasProMovers is carefully packing and diligently wrapping your items, appliances and furniture with professional courtesy and care for you. Give us a call or text at: (702) 570-4223. Or, you can check out the website at

Boise Backyard Skiing

I think there is a skier or a skater or a snowball maker in all of us. If not, then there are always the kids and grandkids. Bogus Basin Mountain Ski Resort is practically in the backyard of Boise. It’s a great place for skiers of all ages and levels to experience the magic of the mountain and its 7 thrilling ski lifts that shoot off into 53 different named runs! From the daring black diamond runs for experts to the beginner bunny slopes for newbies, Bogus Basin Mountain Ski Resort has you covered. They even welcome those bold and fearless snowboarders with half pipes to carve and ramps to jump. When the sun begins to set, and the moon begins to rise, Boise’s city’s lights begin to twinkle in the distance, and if you are lucky enough to be on Bogus Basin Mountain for some night skiing, you are in for some of the most spectacular views of both the city of Boise and the Boise River. Whichever path you decide to explore first in Boise, know that VegasProMovers are here when you need us. Call or text (702) 570-4223 for details and superior service.

Consider Your Next Move to Boise

Vegas Pro Movers is there for you when you need us. Please call, text (702) 570-4223 or request a free quote for Las Vegas moving. We will give you a movable experience with an affordable, comprehensive package with award-winning service and caring team members to move your precious memories. Our company and staff take great care to ensure that you are always satisfied.

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Need Moving Services?

Let us take the hassle of a long distance move off your shoulders. We provide packing and unpacking services, and can transport your items easily and quickly in one of our secured trucks. Your items are safe in our hands. At Vegas Pro Movers - we care about the quality of our work. That is why we employ hardworking movers and only purchase the best in safety gear and moving supplies.

We would love to assist you with your move from Las Vegas to Boise. We also provide free box pickup after the move. We are a 5-star company assisting the people of Las Vegas with local and cross country moves to and from your origin state.

Call or Text (702) 570-4223 For a Free Quote Today.
Vegas Pro Movers is a Las Vegas Moving Company

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