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* UPDATE: Scheduling with Vegas Pro Movers depends on calendar events and we might not be available on the dates you need. We apologize in advance if we are unavailable for the dates you need. We work closely with colleagus in town that we can recommend if that is the case.

"Thank you!! They are very happy. Everything arrived in great condition!! Thank you" -- R. Campbell, Ivins, UT to Park City, UT

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Relocating To/From Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Saying good-bye is not always easy, especially when you have grown to love and embrace the unique culture, the natural beauty and the exhilarating energy of a city like Las Vegas. The dinners and the shows, the dancing under the stars, the community of friends… it’s a lot to leave behind. I like it that I can’t just pack my snapshot memories of those indelible times in a box. Things like that can only be kept safe in a person’s heart. For the rest, I rely on the best of the best and use Vegas Pro Movers to pack everything up and move it just as securely and dearly as I hold those snapshot memories of Las Vegas in my head.

L.A.: The City Of Angels

So when that gentleman calls you one day from “the city of angels” to offer you a dream job opportunity that you just can't resist, hire the award-winning professionals at Vegas Pro Movers to move your entire household of furniture and paintings, and appliances and boxes…and like those memories in your heart that movers can’t move, their company goal is that nothing is broken, chipped or damaged when your belongings arrive at your new home. Although you may be in Los Angeles for three years or more, and grow to love it tremendously, know that if you ever need to move again—Vegas Pro Movers can still offer you the same great service and affordable pricing.

If you are headed to Los Angeles and need a hand or two to help move you in the right direction, call or text (702) 570-4223. Let us take the hassle out of moving so you can explore what the city of angels has to offer.

Making the Move From Vegas to Hollywood

If you are moving to Los Angeles, you are certainly going to find your way to the famous Hollywood sign, even if you don’t take the hike all the way up to it. The iconically simple bold white letters glaring from down from the edge of the mountain can be seen for miles. And even though Hollywood is a neighborhood within L.A., not a city, it sets itself apart with the famous Sunset Blvd running east and the star-studded Hollywood Hills that run west. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is fun to walk and leads you right into some of the most famous landmarks like the Chinese Theatre and the Roosevelt Hotel. Musso and Frank’s Grill is the oldest restaurant on Hollywood Blvd where famous writers like Fitzgerald, and Faulkner would frequent. The Grill is located across the street from the old Screen Actor’s Guild and Stanley Rose’s Essential Bookstore. By luck or by chance, the grill is still known for both its delectable food and its many legends.

Hollywood's Griffith Observatory

There is more than meets the eye than just the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. The Griffith Observatory is host to more than 7 million people each year who have taken the opportunity to peer through the lens of a 12 inch refractor telescope which was put in place in 1935. The observatory holds the World Record for the most views through any one telescope. It is quite the sight to see and even better that it’s free! It is neat to know that you become part of that world record when you look through the lens towards your next venture.
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Hollywood Has An Eye for Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) houses some of the finest artwork collections from around the world. There are pieces from famed artists like Jackson Pollock—famous for his flick-of-the-wrist physics that make his ink splattered canvases as impossible to reproduce as they are to afford. Pieces from Agnes Martin, a self-described abstract expressionist whose work with simple lines and varied mediums are simply inspiring. With over 6,000 works to view from contemporary artists like those who turn simplicity into a paradox, you will need some time to think about it all.

So, take some time to request a free quote on moving from Vegas Pro Movers by calling or texting (702) 570-4223. Then you can think about all the things to do and see in L. A before you start that new job. They offer rates and packages fit every budget, and their professional and experienced movers will have you settled into your new home in no time.

Downtown L.A. is a Staple for All

If you are headed to L.A., you should know that The Staples Center is the place to go to let the good times roll. It brands itself as the “sports and entertainment center of the world,” and they might be on to something. Watching a live Lakers game where you can feel the energy zapping through the stadium while the incredibly talented players give you an unforgettable show while the fans cheer is amazing. Of course there are always concerts featuring popular big bands too! If one of your favorites are on tour, there is a good chance the Staples Center in downtown L.A. is on their map. The list goes on for venues held there, but one thing for certain is that for anyone headed to L.A—it is a staple for entertainment!

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You are moving to the Los Angeles area because it’s finally time to move ahead and along in your life. You have the compass directions and Visit Vegas Pro Movers has the roadmap. Request a free quote at the button below or call (702) 570-4223 so we can help you map your move easily, affordably, and professionally to help you move ahead with confidence.
Call or Text (702) 570-4223 For a Free Quote Today.
Vegas Pro Movers is a Las Vegas Moving Company

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